Contact Lenses

We fit all types of contact lenses including daily and monthly, soft, toric, coloured and multifocal disposable soft lenses. We also offer extended wear lenses in both soft and gas permeable designs and multifocal gas permeable lenses.

After an appointment to discuss the options, we choose a contact lens most suitable for your requirements and provide regular follow up or aftercare appointments for our own lens wearers and also aftercare for those who source their own contact lens supply.

For disposable lens wearers we can switch you to our LensPlan which for £8 per month gives you:

  • reduced cost contact lenses
  • 25% off the cost of spectacles
  • reduced cost solutions, saving £18 per year on standard costs
  • 2 free aftercares per year
  • free trials of alternative lenses
  • a free spare pair of monthlies or 5 free pairs of dailies per year


Coming Soon!

Acuvue Oasys Transitions –  the first light reactive two weekly disposable contact lenses